Cinema 4D XL: advanced 3D software for educators and studio professionals

From the Oscar winning film, Gladiator, to studios, such as Pacific Data Images (PDI), Cinema 4D XL has been used for background design, modeling, and pre-visualization artwork. With its user-friendly interface, powerful animation, advanced modeling tools, and high-speed rendering technology, major film and animation studios, as well as educators have utilized it. Cinema 4D XL’s advanced tools, such as a VRML plug-in and various modeling systems, can be used to integrate art with other subjects in the classroom. Because of its user-friendly architecture, Cinema 4D XL is well suited for introductory courses in 3D animation and modeling. With one of the fastest radiosity rendering engines, advanced students and studio professionals will also value the application. Students at all levels will have the capability of building professional digital portfolios.



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